When Life Gets in the Way

It’s been a few months since our last blog communication, and let me tell you now, as each month has passed, the team has faced challenges and learning alike. ‘How to maintain training motivation when eating and sleeping are what our bodies want, how to coordinate young ones in the face of that, and probably our biggest challenge of all…. how to coordinate team efforts when families and commitments demand time that we don’t have.

To recap on our experiences thus far follow our previous blogs or view our growing collection within our team training log. But for now, this is the latest excerpt into our adventures and an insight as to where we are at in our preparation towards the Spirited Women Adventure Race.

We left off with a successful ride at the Taupo Cycle Challenge, where we truly did (in our minds) kick its ass, and had a great time doing it.

You can tell by the smiles on our faces as we top the largest hill in the race 🙂

NOV 16 – For most of us, having never been part of such an event the preparation it required and the time it took to make it through was an unknown. And so we all took some learning from it to put towards our ultimate goal, the Spirited Women Adventure race in 2017, in an effort to ensure we don’t burn ourselves out before March next year.

Post Taupo Cycle Challenge saw team Alterno Cougar Mummas a little depleted of energy. We all felt the fatigue of the event and it’s build up and took some time out of training to focus on our families, and to prepare for the oncoming festive season. Aside from irregular walks or cycle rides the team have not managed to get together for collective training efforts.

DEC 16 – The school holidays are upon us, as is Christmas and the festive craziness that the majority of the world experiences at this time of year. In terms of team training, our coordinated efforts are still few and very far between. Although Captain Cougar, Wild Cat Sue and Crazy Cougar Leasa joined in on an epic 98km road ride with the local social riding club, 18k up on the Taupo race which is still top of mind as an achievement for 2016.

In the back of our minds though is the need to train in the other areas required for Spirited Women in March next year, so we have all committed individual time to the disciplines of the Spirited Women race over the next few months. Hiking, walking, trail running and mountain biking stamina and skills are at the forefront where we are using the local destinations as inspiration for family activity 0utings. waiere-falls

Walking our local midtown walking track Lake Te Koutu or Maungatauturi mid track, Waierere Falls to the summit, and Mount Maunganui all with loaded packs, or Mountain biking Pukete or Te Miro and Rotorua Redwoods MTB parks. In each case we are usually dragging (kicking and screaming), bribing or both our respective cubs. Usually, the sweet motivation of candy garners the desired level of effort required to make it up the hill, albeit with considerable whining along the way.

They love it really, but sometimes the effort for a 5-year-old or even an 11-year-old to get themselves up a steep hill is all too much to bear, especially when sitting in front of a TV or device seems so much easier. Honestly most of the time it seems so much easier to us as well… SIGH……

The good news is that ultimately, MOST of the time we are all smiling, especially when the lollies are shared around along the way and at the end when the well-deserved ice cream is bought and consumed.

We all recognise the ongoing benefit to our families when this type of activity is introduced into regular life, the added effort that is required to coordinate this time aside.

JAN 17 – Happy New Year Cougar Mumma’s. We are all feeling a little rejuvenated after the Xmas/New Year break and are itching to get back into some more focused and energised activity.

Captain Kellie and Leasa entered themselves into the Tri Chicks mini triathlon in February in an effort to keep a fitness goal securely in view, although the disciplines are different from adventure racing the base fitness is the goal. Sue and Shona continue with MTB and distance walking efforts to maintain the same.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Whilst we are all trying to maintain a level of activity conducive to our families, in all honesty, the team are struggling to get in solid team training efforts. Individual efforts have been duly posted on our team FB page in an effort to keep each other motivated and active.

So we met for a team meeting at the Captain’s house and received a kindly reality check from Coach Cubby of what the reality for successfully completing a 12-hour adventure race requires. Cubby, as a seasoned adventure racer having completed the GodZone event several times, imparted some helpful training hacks that will hopefully help to deliver the team relatively injury free to the finish line.

  • Train walking/running up hill – pack loaded
  • Load up your pack and wear it doing your day to day activities
  • Make sure you train in the shoes you plan on wearing for the race and identify any hotspots in your feet to avoid blisters on the day
  • Squat over the toilet seat when doing your business, to help with extra strengthening of the glut muscles (we all looked a little blank on that one)

We checked over the collective and individual gear list for the team and discussed our schedules for the month of January and attempted to set in stone some team training days. January it seems is a total write off in that regard.

Individual or not our adventuring efforts have certainly been eclectic this summer, with Captain embarking on an epic trekking and MTB adventure to the Able Tasman National Park (LUCKY!),

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Huntress conquered Manugatatautri summit twice in one evening (WOW!), Wild Cat navigated herself and family around Wellington for a week, along with surfing lessons  (AWESOME!), Crazy Cougar took up Trail Running, clocking up a 10km milestone in one session (WOOHOO!).

Chuck in a few SUP lessons too, Not a bad effort girls!

Onward with our individual efforts and a regroup in February again once school starts back. Training goals going forward include:

  • Onward with our individual efforts and regroup in February once school starts back.
  • Cub free individual and team training sessions focussing on weaknesses to strengthen, which at this point is just about everything.
  • Paddle boarding lessons for Kellie and Leasa
  • Team paddle boarding sessions through February and March
  • 3-6 hour hiking up Maungatatauturi and other hills – loaded packs
  • MTB sessions focussing on intermediate grade 2 and 3 trails – loaded packs
  • Practice orienteering skills – Pressure on our Captain to navigate our team to the finish line
  • Continue using the training hacks suggested by our coach
  • Keep focused, smiling and motivated

The time is counting down very quickly now ladies.

Time to really COUGAR UP, we cannot be found wanting!




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